“We recommend all lovers of wild African bush to visit this beautiful camp.”

-Hanne and Soren – Denmark 

With a such fantastic start to the season we wondered if the wildlife would continue to “wow” both the guests and the Luambe Camp team…. we have not been disappointed! 

Over the past month there have been some very fortunate sightings and we have been pleased to share all these moments with our lovely guests who seem to have enjoyed the remote and private nature of this special park. 

Night drives with guests have been full of action with a first time sighting of a serval this year!  Our group of six guests who enjoyed exclusive use of the Luambe Camp were also lucky enough to see both leopard and porcupine on a night drive.

More evening activity in camp was recorded by our camera traps which reveal what seems to be a mating pair of leopards at our waterhole….fingers crossed! The cameras have also captured shots of 2 lionesses with a subadult walking through camp – all very exciting and so close to the busyness of camp. 

The Luambe team have been watching and waiting on the beautiful giant eagle owl who has been nesting in Chipuka Plains on top of buffalo weaver nests for a while now. It was recently noted that her chicks have finally hatched! We were so excited when we saw them for the first time with guests! So far there is one chick confirmed but will keep checking if there might be 2.

 Many of the guests have taken to just relaxing in camp and enjoying the antics of the the hundreds of hippos and “our” fish eagle and Giant Kingfishers who seem to be residents around camp as well.

Guests have also enjoyed visiting the remote Chitungulu Village just outside Luambe which offers a very special addition to a richer safari experience.

The Luambe team continues to work hard and are busy grading the final loops in the South of Luambe. Our Maintenance Manager, Fellow was lucky enough to catch a sighting of a pack of wild dogs while busy with the grading …it’s all in a days work! 

“This camp is for experienced safari-travellers who have seen the big five and who appreciate the very special feeling of being more or less alone in the bush among really wild animals which live their natural lives in balance with nature. You are really in the wild Africa.” – Hanne and Soren, Denmark 

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