Kasikizi Bushcamp Overview

We are very excited to announce the opening of a new camp in Luambe National Park- our very own Kasikizi Camp. Kasikizi Camp is a complementary bush camp to Luambe Camp and is situated in a different part of the park to Luambe Camp, opening up the southern part of the park which offers new loops and areas of the park to discover. Kasikizi Camp is due to open mid July 2020 and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Bushcamp Layout

Kasikizi Camp consists of 3 grass chalets, about 9 x 4 meter in size. Each chalet has power for charging (all solarpowered), an en-suite, open-air bathroom with running water and shower as well as a private verandah - alloverlooking the floodplain, offeringpanoramic views of the Luangwa River. There is a small thatched main areawith a bar and seating area for lunches and snacks but breakfasts and dinners will mostly be served on open fireson the floodplain with the sun rising or under the stars respectively. The floodplain attracts Pukus, Impalas,Waterbucks, Giraffes and Elephants. There is even an Elephant crossing right in front of camp as well as a CarmineBee-eater Colony in the later months within walking distance.


Kasikizi Camp is great for walking safaris, leaving straight from camp and heading out into the wilderness. Gamedrives will lead to the so far undiscovered south of the park with new safari loops created as guests join us on thisexciting discovery.There will be very little overlap in terms of activities with Luambe Camp (unless for greatsightings of course)


We still have our ever popular Luangwa Discovery package which offers 8 nights between Flatdogs Camp and eitherLuambe Camp or Kasikizi Camp for the price of 7 nights.We now offer a new package The Complete Luambe between Luambe Camp and Kasikizi Camp - stay 5 nights, payfor 4 nights. This special is only in combination of both camps and offers great variety a well as value for money.

Travel Info

Best time to visit Camp will be open from June until the end of October and we feel the best months to visit are from August onwards although June and July can still deliver outstanding safari encounters.

Climate & Clothing: June and July are the coolest months. At times it can be cold at night, with warm and pleasant days. Bring suitable warm clothing. August, September and October are the hottest months with August being modest and October very hot even at night. Game gathers along the river to drink as the bush has dried up completely.

Health: Malaria is present in the Luangwa Valley, so we recommend you take malaria prophylactics. Certain parts in Luambe National Park do have tsetse flies, however they are seen as more of an irritation than a serious threat to health.

Communications: There is currently no mobile coverage in the area around Camp. Although, in case of emergencies, we are always able to get messages instantly to the outside world.

Power: Camp will run on solar power with inverters. Limited 240 volt power can therefore be provided for guests in their tents. Solar power is obviously dependent on the sun and the ability to charge the camp’s main batteries during the day. Please bring plenty of battery backup – charging facilities can be limited during overcast days. Please do not use hair dryers, the charging of batteries and laptops is, however, possible.

Visa Requirements: Tourist visas are required for non-SADC clients and the current cost is $50 per person on arrival in Zambia. No visas are required for SADC members.