The summer rainfall in the Luangwa Valley is dramatic with heavy clouds and stormy skies building until the clouds relent and the rains give much needed life to the dry earth. From November to around mid May Luambe National Park turns bright green as new growth sprouts, vegetation thickens and the Luangwa River fills to capacity. Migrant birds return to the park and a lot of the animals give birth to their young over this season.

As much as the rains make Luambe inaccessible over this time, the beauty and freshness of the park can still be appreciated in June when guests start to return. For some this wait is too tiresome and aerial flights over the park satisfies curiosity while gaining insight as to what the animals are up to.

This is a magical time of year and everywhere you look there is life. Herds of zebra, eland as well as buffalo were spotted racing across the Chipuka plains. Even a pack of wild dog were sighted lounging in the riverbed in the shade of the leafy trees…evidence that while the people are away, the animals will play!

Our new camp opens on the 1st June 2017 and we look forward to welcoming you to join the discovery to come and see what Luambe is all about!