Luambe National Park – the world’s most carbon neutral!

We are extremely excited to announce that Luambe National Park has recently achieved a conservation milestone as we have become the most carbon neutral National Park in the WORLD! This is something we are are very proud to be able to achieve as we continue to strive to conserve this little piece of Africa.

So what does it mean to visit the most carbon neutral Park in the world? Well, with Lower Zambezi National Park becoming the world’s first to achieve carbon neutrality from operations about a year and a half ago, Luambe National Park decided to go a step further by not only offsetting just the operational emissions but actually offsetting all tourism activities associated with the Park this even includes guest’s international airline travel!

This means that guests visiting Luambe Camp will not only be able to safari and enjoy the pristine wilderness that Luambe offers but do so knowing that their travel carbon footprint has been fully offset as a result of the commitment by Luambe Camp.

Reaching the goal of becoming the most carbon neutral National Park in the world is no easy task and involved Luambe Camp fully funding the initiative that is managed by the USAID-funded Community Forests Program and Bio Carbon Partner’s committed partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. Through these organisations Luambe Conservation Project decided to purchase Verified Carbon Standard audited forest carbon offsets generated within Zambia through BCP’s REDD+ projects which resulted in achieving Luambe’s carbon neutral status. 

As this exciting piece of news  travels across the world, we hope that many will hear of and support Luambe Camp in this initiative. We hope that all who visit the park will do so knowing that they are supporting an organisation that works passionately towards conserving Luambe and contributing to the protection of its surrounding forests.

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  1. Dear Michael and everyone who helped make this possible and continues to do so on a daily basis!

    Congratulations on this achievement. I am very interested to hear the details about how you achieve this carbon neutral status. I am also very much looking forward to the next opportunity to visit Luambe. We hold such dear memories to our first visit as ”guinea pigs” in 2015 and hope to return soon. All the very best and congratulations again!

    Willem, Pieter, Frederik and Annegaaike van Stockum-Leopold

  2. We had the most memorable and wonderful stay at your camp in luambe a few years ago.i can still hear the hippos at night in the river and watching the crocs making their way up the river also the lions coming to the riverbank across the other side.a wonderland of sights and sound.the safaris were the best I have experienced on my stays in countries in Africa. Looking forward to returning.

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