Luambe Wildlife & Recent Camera Trap Sightings

Luambe Camp had it’s first season last year with upgraded facilities and new management and by all accounts it was a very successful start with some amazing wildlife sightings! We are looking forward to another fantastic year, sharing this beautiful piece of Africa with our guests and continuing to work towards conserving the area. 

Although many had visited the park in the past, little was known about the wildlife numbers, and visitors were invited to “join the discovery” as we ourselves were learning of all the exciting mysteries that this park had to offer. As new routes were forged and we delved deeper into the park, we were utterly surprised as to how much wildlife there was to be found within the area. Camera traps were set up in and around camp to monitor movement of wildlife and we have enjoyed sharing the findings with you as the year progressed. 

We were recently thrilled with some of our last shots from the camera trap which revealed a pair of mating leopards just behind the tents as well as a curious hyena who seemed to like the taste of the camera. 

We are realising more and more, that this park continues to reward guests with lovely sightings out on game drives and walks but we are also excited to see wildlife becoming comfortable enough to venture in and around camp

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