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Our second full season at Luambe only has 40 days left before it’s over and we have had an incredibly busy year. Here are a selection of some of the special sightings we have enjoyed so far:

Our June month started well with wild dogs and good buffalo herds seen on Chipuka Plains and the elephant herds and markedly more relaxed than even what we experienced last year and are being seen regularly. The dogs were seen again in August back on the plains and our waterhole behind camp still has the local leopards visiting regularly. Ed Selfe’s photographic trip recently captured some beautiful shots of a Pels Fishing Owl as well as some excellent carmine bee-eater sightings. “Carmine Coffee” is now underway and you really don’t want to miss out on this absolutely unique experience!

It’s great to hear that our guests have also been enjoying Luambe and here are few of the comments left behind with us:

“Beautiful place, wonderful staff and delicious food – so happy we came here and hope to return!” – Kalivas, USA

“It is impossible to express in words the experience we shared in this camp. The staff and guides went above and beyond to make this time unforgettable.” – Wysoke family, Aug 2018

“The people you meet have a vision and passion for what conservation should look and feel like in this part of Africa. Each day’s experiences are both adventurous and understated without ever feeling hurried or designed in the interest of box-ticking. Every moment and encounter (both human and wild) holds elements of intrigue and surprise.” – Tripadvisor Review. August, 2018

However – we have also been hard at work bring about new experiences at Luambe. The first and most significant is the Hippo Hide – a floating, hippo eye level raft on the Luangwa – perfect for photographers and candlelit dinners!

Finally, stay tuned for a very big announcement coming the next few weeks regarding Luambe – we can’t too much now but in a nutshell, it’s more good news for the park and the wildlife of Luambe.

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