9 night safari through South Luangwa, North Luangwa and Luambe National Park

The Luangwa Valley is a wildlife haven and a destination that every true wilderness lover should experience. Now, for the first time in years, wildlife enthusiasts can get to experience all 3 of  Luangwa Valley’s finest National Parks - namely, the iconic North and South Luangwa National Parks and the re-birthed gem of Luambe National Park. It is hard to imagine a more authentic and compelling safari experience.

Day 1 - 3: Tafika Camp, South Luangwa

Driving from Mfuwe Airport through the Nsefu Sector of the magnificent South Luangwa, you will arrive at Tafika Camp. The location just north of Nsefu makes the setting of this authentic safari camp an absolute magnet for game viewing and safari activities. Day and night drives, walking safaris and cycling are just some of the activities available from the camp.     

Highlights include:

Day 3 - 6: Mwaleshi Camp, North Luangwa

After 2 nights at Tafika, you will travel with RASAIR on a 25 minute air transfer from Lukuzi Airstrip to Mwaleshi Camp. Renowned for its walking safaris, Mwaleshi is  located in the vast wilderness of North Luangwa National Park, hidden within a scenic bend on the Mwaleshi River.   The camp is truly a special and remarkable place, unlike any other. It is the realness of the experience, that dash of adrenaline associated with standing downwind of an elephant and catching its unmistakable scent that make walking safaris unforgettable.   

Highlights include:

Day 6 - 10: Luambe Camp, Luambe National Park

After 3 nights in North Luangwa, you start returning back south by charter flight to Waka waka Airstrip where your 4 night stay in Luambe will begin. Now, you will have ample time to take in new surroundings, diverse wildlife and experience the astonishing birdlife that is being discovered in this newly revived National Park. Luambe National Park offers a Luangwa Valley experience reminiscent of the early days in the Valley – remote and wild!  

Highlights include:

Transport & Logistics

Day 1: Mfuwe Airport - Tafika Camp

Fly into Mfuwe Airport (this flight is excluded from the package). Enjoy a 90 - 120 minute road transfer to Tafika Camp.

Day 3: Tafika - Mwaleshi Camp

A 35 minute flight from Lukuzi Airstrip followed by a 15 min. road transfer into Mwaleshi Camp.

Day 6: Mwaleshi - Luambe Camp

On day 6, you will enjoy a full breakfast before embarking on  a 30 minute air transfer from Mwaleshi Camp in the North Luangwa National Park to WakaWaka Airstrip to meet the Luambe team.

Day 10: Luambe - Mfuwe

Departure day: After a full breakfast at Luambe we begin the 3,5 - 4 hr road transfer back to Mfuwe Airport.

Tafika Accommodation, meals, local and house drinks, safari activities, laundry, park fees. Premium drinks and items of a personal nature.
Mwaleshi Accommodation, meals, local and house drinks, safari activities, laundry, park fees. Premium drinks and items of a personal nature.
LuambeAccommodation, meals, wine, local and house drinks, safari activities and park feesPremium brand drinks and gratuities.
TranfersRoad Transfers: Mfuwe - Tafika; Luambe - Mfuwe. Charter Flights: Tafika - Mwaleshi - Luambe All other flights, VISAs

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